Password-protected screen saver

When user authentication is enabled, password protection of the screen saver becomes active and cannot be turned off.1

The password is set to $ELUXPASSWORD. For further information, see Where to apply user variables.

The screen saver becomes active after the defined time period and the system is locked. By pressing a key or moving the mouse, a dialog is displayed for unlocking. It provides the following options to users:

Option Button Description
The logged-on user unlocks the screen by entering his/her password / smart card Unlock Default
Another person leaves a message for the logged-on user Message The screen remains locked. The logged-on user receives a notification with the message when he or she unlocks the screen.

This function is enabled by default and can be disabled by the following Advanced file entry:2 File: /setup/terminal.ini, section: xscreensaver_dialog, entry: MessageEnabled, value: false

Another user authenticates to log off the previous user (and to log on), restart or shut down the device.3 Log off Useful if devices are used by multiple users:
Allows users to reuse devices that have been left without logging off and therefore are blocked

Once the new user has authenticated, the Restart, Shut down and Log off buttons become active. In any case, the previously logged-on user is logged off.

This function is disabled by default and can be enabled by the following Advanced file entry: File: /setup/terminal.ini, section: xscreensaver_dialog, entry: ShowSysCommandButtons, value: true

Data loss may occur if the Log off option is used followed by restart, shutdown, or logoff. The user currently logged on is logged off regardless of whether the documents or data last edited have been saved.