Configuring the display

  1. If you have defined more than one monitor, in the Resolution/Layout dialog, select a blue monitor icon.

  2. For the selected monitor, use the list fields on the right to specify the screen resolution, frequency, and rotation.

    Resolution Screen resolutions that are not listed may be added to the database table dbo.Resolution. After modifying the table, restart the Scout Console.
    Frequency Refresh rate
    Rotation The screen display can be rotated 270° (left), 180° (inverted) and 90°(right).
    Position Only for multiple monitors
  3. To have the values supported by the monitor processed by the device, select Use monitor Plug&Play Info (DDC).

    Clear the option to activate the Monitor class field.

    If you decide to use adapters or the analog VGA port to connect monitors to devices, warranty for the operation of these devices will be excluded. These types of combinations are not part of functional acceptance tests.

  4. To define the selected monitor as the primary one, select Primary monitor.

  5. Confirm with OK and Apply.

If your monitors do not support the settings you have defined, you may have to perform a factory reset of the device and modify the desired screen settings.