The eLux package Evidian must be installed on the devices.
For smart card authentication, eLux packages for the middleware (such as Cryptovision sc/interface) and for the hardware drivers (such as PCSC Lite) must be installed on the devices.This may require modifications of the image definition file on the web server via ELIAS.

With Evidian access management, you can connect via RFID or smart card.Evidian uses the SOAP network protocol.

Option Description
Name (optional) Display name of the Evidian server
Server or server list Specify your Evidian server depending on whether you use HTTP or HTTPS in the following format:

http://<FQDN or IP address>:9764/soap
https://<FQDN or IP address>:9765/soap

To specify more than one server, separate them by spaces.

Use smart card Enables authentication via smart card
Allow logon with username+password Users may alternatively log on with username and password.
Secret Copy the secret from the registry entry of the Enterprise Access Management server

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Enatel\WiseGuard\FrameWork\‚ÄčAuthentication from the key ExternalRoamingSessionSecret.Do not encrypt.

You can configure to show users the system bar during logon.This allows them to access the Configuration Panel and Command Panel.For further information, see Starting Configuration panel from logon dialog.