Preventing registration of USB multimedia components

The registration of USB devices as input devices can be prevented by defining a terminal.ini entry. To do so, use the Advanced file entries feature of the Scout Console.

  1. In the Scout Console, for the relevant devices, open Advanced options > Advanced file entries.

  2. Define the following entry

    File /setup/terminal.ini
    Section Xorg
    Entry IgnoreUsbInput
    Example: 0b0e:034c,047f:c01e

    Important: Only use lowercase letters for hexadecimal values!

    You can replace individual characters by the wildcard character ?.
    Example: 0b0e:???? filters all products of a specific vendor.

    Alternatively, you can filter by vendor name:
    Example: Jabra,Netcom
    • White spaces or slashes in the vendor name must be replaced by an underscore _.
    • The vendor name can be entered as a sub-string.
      Exxample: Netcom finds GN Netcom and GN Netcom A/S.
    • Vendor names can be OR-linked:
      Example: Jabra|Sennheiser

    Note: To identify vendor names or IDs, use the follwing command:
    udevadm info --export-db | grep -Ew "(NAME|ID_VENDOR)"

For further information, see Advanced file entries.

After the terminal.ini file has been updated on the client, another client restart might be required to enable the new setting.