Log files

Scout provides three logging options which are saved as .log files on the Scout Server.

Option Log file Description
Scout Console scout.log Required for debugging

Path: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\UniCon\Scout\Console

In the Scout Console, click
View > System diagnostics > Console log.

Scout Server eluxd.log Log file of the Scout service, required for support calls

Default path: %PUBLIC%\Documents\UniCon\Scout\Server

Previous versions are renamed in elux.log.1...elux.log.3 etc.

In the Scout Console, click
View > System diagnostic > Server log (only if the Scout Console is installed on the same machine as the Scout Server).

Server keep alive log keepAlive.log Log file for keep alive entries of the Scout Server

created every 10 minutes

Default path: %PUBLIC%\Documents\UniCon\Scout\Server

For the Scout Statistics Service, see the following log file:

Scout Statistics Service UniconStatisticService.log Rotating log file with configurable path1

Default path: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\UniCon\Scout\StatisticService2

The location and the maximum size from which a new file is written can be configured in

For further information about file paths, see Program and file directories.

Click View > System diagnostic > Server files to open the Unicon server files directory in the Windows File Explorer (if console and server are installed on the same machine). The Unicon directory contains all configuration and log files organized in their application directories.


The following additional logs are available via the Scout Console and can be exported:

Option Description
License log All actions related to licenses such as entering, deleting and exporting licenses

View > System diagnostics > License log

Administrator activity log All administrator activities depending on the defined monitoring level

Security > Manage administrators > View protocol

For further information, see Viewing administrator activities.