Configuring Scout Agent for Windows

The Scout Agent for Windows supports the languages English and German.1

1.  Show all systray icons of the Windows taskbar and right-click Scout Agent > Configuration.

2.  Click Configuration.

The Scout Agent for Windows is loaded and requests the device password.

3.  Enter the device password of the client.

For initial start-up the password is elux. During first connection to the Scout Server, the password is changed to the value defined there (see Scout Console > Options > Base configuration > Security > Local security settings > Device password).

The Scout Agent for Windows Configuration dialog opens. The Scout Server address is predefined as ScoutSrv. For further information, see Self-registration of devices in the Scout guide.

4.  In the Scout Server Address field, enter the IP address or FQDN of the Scout Server.

The Scout Agent for Windows sets up a connection to the Scout Server.

5.  Next to Organisation unit, click the ... button to display the Select Organization Unit dialog, and then assign the device to an OU.

6.  Confirm with OK and Apply.

The device receives the configuration data of the selected OU from the Scout Server. The configuration becomes active after the next restart.

On each client restart, the Scout Agent for Windows is started automatically. As long as the Scout Agent for Windows is active, the systray icon  Scout Agent is displayed in green.