Report templates

When you install the Scout Report Generator, several report templates are added to the local user directory Public\Documents\UniCon\Scout\Report. You can use them whenever suitable.

In the tree view of the Scout Report Generator, the report templates are organized into different types. They can be modified as required.

Report type Devices

tpl_appl_licenses Devices with defined application licenses
tpl_assigned_OU Devices of defined OU
tpl_clients_of_subnet Devices of defined IP subnet
tpl_client_absence Devices with latest contact to Scout Server before defined date
tpl_image Devices with defined image name
tpl_lastupdvol_period Devices with software update between two defined dates
tpl_monitor_vendor Devices with monitors of a defined producer
tpl_noDDC_monitors Devices without DDC information (EDID) of the monitor
tpl_OS_version Devices with defined OS version
tpl_supplier_ram Devices of defined producer with RAM less than defined value
tpl_vendor_model_type Devices of defined producer, model and type


Report type Assets

tpl_connected_USB_dev Devices with connected USB devices of a defined producer



Before creating a report output, you must modify the filter values for most templates.

Use the Save as... feature to create copies or variants.