Defining columns

In the report layout, choose the database fields you want to show as columns in the report.For the columns and resulting elements, you can also specify an order and other layout criteria.

Choosing the relevant fields

1 Shows all available fields that you can apply to the report as columns

Shows all fields that will be shown by the report

The order can be defined later on.

Note the following:

  • The eLux portable field shows whether it is a device or an eLux Portable USB stick
  • The Client identifier field is used for unique identification of devices and elux portable sticks.

  1. Select a report and click the Layout button or click Edit > Layout...
  2. In the Report layout dialog, on the Columns tab, click the +/- button.See screenshot above.
  3. To add a field, select the relevant field on the right and move it to the left by using the button.
  4. To remove a field, select the relevant field on the left and move it to the right by using the button.
  5. Confirm with OK..

Alternatively, to move elements between the two lists, double-click the element or use the Ins and Del keys.

In the Report layout dialog, in the preview, the selected fields are shown in the Content column.

Specifying the layout

In the Report layout dialog, on the Columns tab, define additional properties of the report layout.

  1. To change a column header, for the relevant field (row), click into the cell of the first column.Then enter the desired column title and confirm ith Return.
  2. Specify further settings:

    Option Description
    and buttons Change order of the columns

    Alternatively, use a drag-and-drop operation.

    Alignment column Defines whether the text is left-aligned, right-aligned or centered
    Min and Max columns (column width) Column width is calculated automatically.You may, however, specify a minimum and maximum width for each column.

    To define a fixed column width, set the same values for minimum and maximum width.

    If the minimum width exceeds the maximum width, the column is not displayed in the report.

    To reactivate the automatic column calculation, set both values to 0.

    Valid units are millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), inches (in), points (pt) and pica (pc).

    Mark rows Each second row of the report is highlighted to improve readability.
    Fill rows Highlighting of the row is continued until right page margin.
    Font Defines font and font size for headers and rows.
    Sorting Defines field by which the elements of the report are sorted.
  3. Confirm with OK.

To run the report after you have modified the report layout, click .Only then, the report output is refreshed in the program window.