Build section

The Build section helps you define some options such as whether the packages are signed and packed into a ZIP archive. These settings are saved within the workspace and are applied when the workspace is loaded.

Option Description
Build - Container Target container
Output Directory Target directory where the created packages, signatures and the zip archive are copied to. eLux Builder Kit automatically creates subdirectories with the container’s name in the output directory
Build Options Sign packages – The created packages are to be signed and verified in ELIAS for a valid signature.

Only available if the path for the signing program eluxsign and the key and certificate are defined in the preferences

Create ZIP archives – For each EPM, a separate ZIP archive is created. The archive contains the EPM, all FPMs and the signatures for the EPM and FPMs.

Build Starts the build process for the selected EPM or FPM in the Workspace Browser. If the whole workspace is selected, the build is executed for all contained packages.
View Log Displays the log file of the workspace

The log file includes detailed information about the creation of packages.