Citrix virtual channels

– for eLux RP 6.3 and later versions –

With your individual eLux packages, you can provide virtual channels for the Citrix Workspace-App (Citrix Virtual Channel).

The necessary information for activating a virtual channel is provided to the relevant FPM in the form of an .ini file. The .ini file must be saved to the directory /usr/share/citrix/vd.d/

The .ini files located here, are merged by a script with the default .ini file module.ini.orig into the target file module.ini

An .ini file can have the following structure:



[ICA 3.0]







Values already existing in the module.ini.orig file are overridden by the new values, except for [ICA 3.0] VirtualDriver. Here, new values are appended to the list of existing drivers.