Global tab

Add a comment to the Workspace, EPM or FPM when adding or deleting items

eLux Builder Kit automatically adds a comment to the parent element (Workspace, EPM or FPM) when one of the following actions is carried out:

Add ...a file to an FPM
...a folder to an FPM
Delete EPM from a workspace FPM from an EPM
...a file from an FPM
...a folder from an FPM
Create EPM in a workspace FPM in an EPM
Import EPM from a workspace other than the current one
Link EPM from a workspace other than the current one

The comments have the following format:


Format Description
DATE current date
TIME current time
type of action (ADD, CREATE, DELETE, IMPORT, LINK)
ELEMENTTYPE element type where the action has been performed (EPM, FPM, FILE, DIRECTORY)
ELEMENTNAME element name
USER name of the user who has performed the action

Further options

Option Description
Increment release of EPMs/FPMs when they were changed The release number of an EPM or FPM is automatically incremented as soon as you modify at least one property of the EPM/FPM. Incrementing the release number is not performed immediately, but when the workspace is saved for the first time or when you click the Build button.

Before the release number is incremented by eLux Builder Kit, a message is shown. If you confirm with Yes, the release numbers of all modified EPM/FPMs are incremented by one counter.

The action of adding files or folders to an FPM is not registered as a change by the eLux Builder Kit.
The previous release number of the modified EPM/FPM must be numeric. If the previous release number is not numeric, eLux Builder Kit sets a 0.

Open last workspace on start-up When eLux Builder Kit is started, the workspace most recently used is automatically opened.
Use external text editor Text files are edited by using an external editor. By default, eLux Builder Kit opens an Xterm shell and starts the vi editor.

Alternatively, select another edtor by clicking he Browse button or start an editor from the command line.

eLux Builder Kit cannot distinguish text files from binary files. Thus, it is possible to open all files in the defined editor.
The selected editor must accept the file to be edited as a transfer parameter.

Defaults Resets the settings to the default values for the current tab