Package properties in the Properties Editor

Some package properties (meta data) can be edited directly in the fields of the Properties Editors. Other properties require a specific editor to be modified. Then, for the selected property, a button is shown in the Value field.

Description, Pre-/Postinstall, Pre-/Postuninstall and Comment

For these properties, a plain text editor is used.

Requires and Conflicts

The Requires property of an EPM always includes the entry %ELUX_BASEREQ. The entry specifies that the package being created requires an installed eLux-BaseOS.

Option Description
Property entries list Lists the defined entries for Requires or Conflicts.

Format: Package name Operator Version

If you select an entry, you edit it in the Entry settings section.

Delete The selected entry is deleted.
New Entry Creates a new entry NewEntry
Packagename Name of the entry

The name must correspond to the name of another existing package.

Operator Operator that applies to the version defined in Version

If the version of a package is irrelevant, select the operator <none>. The entry then is applied to all versions of the package in Packagename.

Version Specifies the version of the package defined in Packagename.


To obtain a valid license for your package, please contact Unicon GmbH by e-mail:

Option Description
Save Enabled only if all three entry fields have been filled correctly
Clear Deletes the current license

To finally delete the license, click Save.


In this editor, you define for which container the EPM or FPM will be created. The setting affects only the current package.


– only für FPMs –

Option Beschreibung
Mandatory FPM must be installed
Install Choose between two sub-options:

as default – The FPM , but can be deselected in ELIAS.
optional – The FPM is not installed by default, but can be selected in ELIAS for the installation.

Force uninstall instead of update – uindependent of Mandatory or Install

Before an FPM package is installed, eLux is forced to first uninstall the old FPM package, if available, instead of performing an update.