About the eLux SDK VM

The eLux SDK VM is a virtual machine equipped with Software Development Kit tools for eLux RP 6 (64-bit) that we provide upon request. The Linux system comes as a VMware image and runs on all VMware Server versions.

We provide a version of our eLux SDK VM which corresponds to the latest eLux version.1

Version Description Deployment
eLux SDK VM 3.12 contains the eLux Builder Kit for eLux RP 6 (64-bit) as an .ova template

In your VMware environment, use the Deploy OVF Template option to install the machine from the template.

epkg for eLux SDK VM 3.12 Command line tool for creating eLux RP 6 packages Install the epkg packages on an Ubuntu system.

The eLux-Builder-Kit is a development environment that allows skilled Linux developers or administrators to package any software as .epm and .fpm files. You can also compile your own source code and/or kernel drivers.

You can include any packages built with the eLux Builder Kit in an eLux image definition file (.idf) by using ELIAS.

Alternatively, use our epkg tool to build eLux packages from the command line. You can also automate the process of building packages by using epkg.

Using the eLux SDK requires knowledge of


The following system accounts are available:

root – elux
elux – elux

The home directory of the user elux is /home/elux.

Alternatively, click Applications > Internet > X11VNC Server after you have logged on to the VMware console and use a VNCviewer to connect.

The machine is configured to use DHCP by default.

Creating eLux packages

When the system starts, the Mate Desktop is started automatically and you are logged in as user elux.

Alternatively, the command line tool epkg is provided. For further information, see Command line tool.

Windows Shared Folder (Samba)

The samba4 server package is installed on the image but not yet configured. To configure the samba server, see https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html

or use the command man smb.conf to read the official smb.conf manual.