Command line tool

– only for SDK VM 3.x –

epkg is a command line tool for building eLux packages which can also be used to automate the building process.

In our example workspace, under /home/elux/workspace/examples/build, you will find the script that you can use to build the example package.

Converting packages

During the build process, epkg sets up an eLux Builder Kit workspace. It allows you to easily edit the package meta data. To enable epkg to use the eLux Builder Kit, you need to convert the package tree. You can do so using epkg. For an example, see the convert folder and script:



After you have built the example package, the created workspace can be found under /home/elux/workspace/examples/build/tcpdump/output/.ebkworkspace.
For ease of use, this workspace is also included in the recently used list of the File menu.

You can now edit the meta data for the packages in the eLux Builder Kit, and then start the final build process. The final package files (.epm, .fpm) can be found in the output directory:



epkg also offers the option to install packages. They are copied from the output directory to a defined container directory (example: /home/containers).

The file /usr/share/epkg/settings.ini holds the configuration for installing and signing packages.

For further information, see The epkg tool.