Example packages

For the eLux Builder Kit, we have included an example workspace that provides an EPM with FPMs:

eLux SDK VM 3.12

debug: /home/elux/examples/packaging/debug/output/devel1

The workspace contains examples for creating eLux packages from development tools such as gdb, file, strace, ltrace, valgrin, less, coredump, tcpdump, vim, libpython, systemd-debug-shell, eluxbuild

Building example packages

  1. Open the example workspace (.ebkworkspace) of the specified directory. To do so, you can use the Recently used entry of the File menu.

  2. Select the top level (the EPM).
  3. Click the Build button.

All packages of the workspace are built. The resulting package files (.epm, .fpm) can be found in the output directory:

eLux SDK VM 3.12 /home/elux/examples/packaging/devel/output/container/UC_RP6_X64-1.0-1/