Table: SAPTemplate

To allow working with application templates, application template tables are provided. They contain the same fields as the application tables.

ColumnName DataType Key Not Null Default Value Comment
ApplicationTemplateID INTEGER PK, FK NN   Unique application template ID (foreign key refers to table ApplicationTemplate)
SapClassic SMALLINT(6)       Use classic look and feel
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedInt1 INTEGER        
ReservedInt2 INTEGER        
IndexName IndexType Colums
PRIMARY PRIMARY ApplicationTemplateID


how to create

ApplicationTemplateID INTEGER NOT NULL,
SapClassic SMALLINT,
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedInt1 INTEGER,
ReservedInt2 INTEGER,
CONSTRAINT FK_BrowserTemplate_ApplicationTemplateID_ApplicationTemplate_ApplicationTemplateID FOREIGN KEY (ApplicationTemplateID) REFERENCES ApplicationTemplate (ApplicationTemplateID),
PRIMARY KEY (ApplicationTemplateID ));