About the Scout Database Model (CR)

The hardware-independent operating system eLux is a Linux-based desktop solution for x86 devices. eLux provides fast, comfortable and secure access to Windows and other servers in a server-based environment – without any Linux know-how.

eLux devices, and even Windows devices, can easily be managed with the Scout Enterprise Management Suite. The administrator configures all devices in organizational units from the Scout Console. Of course, he also can define the required applications, transfer files and perform firmware updates remotely. For troubleshooting, there are provided diagnostic tools and mirroring. If you want to equip some administrators with particular remote functions, you can alternatively use the web-based management console for them, Scout Dashboard.

The Scout solution provides database support and is especially designed to manage large-scale installations. More details and the latest versions of Scout are available for download on myelux.com.

In the following, the data base model for the current CR version of the Scout Enterprise Management Suite is described. For the LTSR version, see the relevant white paper.

For a graphical overview see the PDF of the Scout database model.

The tables are grouped into the following sections


In case of any problems or questions it is highly recommended that you enter data by using the Scout Console and subsequently view the database tables.

This White Paper refers to Scout Database Model version 15.2110 CR.