Table: EnvironmentEntry

The entry represents a environment variable which is set on the device. It can be assigned to a single device or group.

ColumnName DataType Key   Not Null   Default Value Comment
EnvironmentEntryID INTEGER PK NN   Unique environment entry ID
MemberType INTEGER       Member type
1 TYPE_GROUP MemberID refers to Groups
4 TYPE_DEVICE_ENTRY MemberID refers to Device
MemberID INTEGER (FK) NN   MemberID (depending on MemberType this refers to table Groups or Device)
EnvironmentKey NVARCHAR(255)       Name of environment variable
EnvironmentValue NVARCHAR(255)       Value of environment variable
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedInt1 INTEGER        
ReservedInt2 INTEGER        
IndexName IndexType Columns


How to create

CREATE TABLE EnvironmentEntry(
EnvironmentEntryID INTEGER NOT NULL,
MemberType INTEGER,
EnvironmentKey NVARCHAR(255),
EnvironmentValue NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedInt1 INTEGER,
ReservedInt2 INTEGER,
PRIMARY KEY (EnvironmentEntryID));