Table: ICADefaults

The ICA default settings can be assigned to a group or to the base (global)  settings. 

ColumnName DataType Key Not Null Default Value Comment
ICADefaultsID INTEGER PK NN   Unique ID of ICA default settings 
ItemID INTEGER PK NN   Item ID specifies where this entry belongs to (foreign key refers to table Groups)
ItemType INTEGER   NN  
1 TYPE_GROUP  ItemID refers to Groups
11 TYPE_BASEAPPLICATION  ItemID must be set to 0
TransferDefaults SMALLINT(6)     1 Specifies if the settings should be transferred to the clients
ClientNameTemplate NVARCHAR(255)       Template to be used to create the client name
DesiredHRES NVARCHAR(32)       Window width
DesiredVRES NVARCHAR(32)       Window heigth
ScreenPercent NVARCHAR(32)       Window size specified as percentage of screen size.
DesiredHRES or DesiredVRES must not be specified, UseFullScreen must be set to No
NoWindowManager NVARCHAR(16)     True set by Scout Server
UseFullScreen NVARCHAR(16)       Window size is set to screen size.
DesiredHRES, DesiredVRES or ScreenPercent must not be specified
DesiredColor NVARCHAR(16)     4 Color depth 
14 bit (16 colors)
28 bit (256 colors)
416 bit (32 thousand colors)
824 bit (16 million colors)
NVARCHAR(16)     No set by Scout Server
ApproximateColors NVARCHAR(16)     Yes set by Scout Server
TW2StopwatchMinimum INTEGER     25 Data flow control timer
PersistentCachePath NVARCHAR(255)     /tmp Directory where the bitmap cache resides
PersistentCacheSize INTEGER     0 Bitmap cache size (max. 256*1024*1024=268435456)
PersistentCachePercent INTEGER     0 Bitmap cache size in percent of available space
PersistentCacheMinBitmap INTEGER     2048 Minimum bitmap size for caching
DisableSound NVARCHAR(255)     True Disable Windows alert sounds
ClientManagement NVARCHAR(255)     Off Allow automatic client updates
ClientDrive NVARCHAR(255)     On Drive mapping enabled
BrowserProtocol NVARCHAR(255)       Protocol used to browse published applications
DoNotUseDefaultCSL NVARCHAR(16)     On obsolete
SSLEnable NVARCHAR(16)       Use SSL and HTTPS (available for BrowserProtocol=HTTPonTCP only)
TcpGroupName1 NVARCHAR(255)       Name of group 1 (Primary)
TcpGroupName2 NVARCHAR(255)       Name of group 2 (Backup 1)
TcpGroupName3 NVARCHAR(255)       Name of group 3 (Backup 2)
TransportReconnectEnabled NVARCHAR(255)     True Enable reconnect
TransportReconnectRetries INTEGER     3 Reconnect retries
TransportReconnectDelay INTEGER     30 Reconnect delay
UseAlternateAddress SMALLINT(6)     0 Use alternate address for firewall connection
ProxyHost NVARCHAR(255)       Connect via proxy server (ProxyType must be set)
ProxyType NVARCHAR(255)     None Type of proxy server
ServerURL NVARCHAR(255)       set by Scout Server
HttpBrowserAddress NVARCHAR(255)       ICA browser ip address of group 1 (if BrowserProtocol=HTTPonTCP)
HttpBrowserAddress2 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress
HttpBrowserAddress3 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress
HttpBrowserAddress4 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress
HttpBrowserAddress5 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress
HttpBrowserAddress6 NVARCHAR(255)       ICA browser ip address of group 2 (if BrowserProtocol=HTTPonTCP)
HttpBrowserAddress7 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress6
HttpBrowserAddress8 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress6
HttpBrowserAddress9 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress6
HttpBrowserAddress10 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress6
HttpBrowserAddress11 NVARCHAR(255)       ICA browser ip address of group 3 (if BrowserProtocol=HTTPonTCP)
HttpBrowserAddress12 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress11
HttpBrowserAddress13 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress11
HttpBrowserAddress14 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress11
HttpBrowserAddress15 NVARCHAR(255)       see HttpBrowserAddress11
TcpBrowserAddress NVARCHAR(255)       ICA browser ip address of group 1 (if BrowserProtocol=UDP)
TcpBrowserAddress2 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress
TcpBrowserAddress3 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress
TcpBrowserAddress4 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress
TcpBrowserAddress5 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress
TcpBrowserAddress6 NVARCHAR(255)       ICA browser ip address of group 2 (if BrowserProtocol=UDP)
TcpBrowserAddress7 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress6
TcpBrowserAddress8 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress6
TcpBrowserAddress9 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress6
TcpBrowserAddress10 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress6
TcpBrowserAddress11 NVARCHAR(255)       ICA browser ip address of group 3 (if BrowserProtocol=UDP)
TcpBrowserAddress12 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress11
TcpBrowserAddress13 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress11
TcpBrowserAddress14 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress11
TcpBrowserAddress15 NVARCHAR(255)       see TcpBrowserAddress11
Hotkey1Char NVARCHAR(16)     (None) Hotkey name (used with modifier Hotkey1Shift)
Hotkey1Shift NVARCHAR(16)     (None) Modifier key used in conjunction with Hotkey1Char
Hotkey2Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey2Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey3Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey3Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey4Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey4Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey5Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey5Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey6Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey6Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey7Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey7Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey8Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey8Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey9Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey9Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey10Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey10Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey11Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey11Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey12Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey12Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey13Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey13Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey14Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey14Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
Hotkey15Char NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Char
Hotkey15Shift NVARCHAR(16)       see Hotkey1Shift
DrivePathA NVARCHAR(max)     Client directory mapped to a drive in server session, holds definition for all drive letters
e.g ###/media/usb0###/media/usb1######/media/usb2 where A is /media/usb0,
B is /media/usb1
and D is /media/usb2
DriveEnabledA NVARCHAR(255)     Yes Mapping enabled for drive all drive letters
e.g ###Yes###Yes###No###Yes
DriveReadAccessA SMALLINT(6)     0 Read access restriction
0Read access is unrestricted
1Read access denied
2Ask user if read access should be granted
DriveWriteAccessA SMALLINT(6)     0 Write access restriction
0Write access is unrestricted
1Write access denied
2Ask user if write access should be granted
DriveReadAccessB SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessB SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessC SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessC SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessD SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessD SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessE SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessE SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessF SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessF SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessG SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessG SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessH SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessH SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessI SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessI SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessJ SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessJ SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessK SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessK SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessL SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessL SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessM SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessM SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessN SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessN SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessO SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessO SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessP SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessP SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessQ SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessQ SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessR SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessR SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessS SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessS SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessT SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessT SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessU SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessU SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessV SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessV SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessW SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessW SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessX SMALLINT(6)     No see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessX SMALLINT(6)     0 see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessY SMALLINT(6)     No see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessY SMALLINT(6)       see DriveWriteAccessA
DriveReadAccessZ SMALLINT(6)     No see DriveReadAccessA
DriveWriteAccessZ SMALLINT(6)       see DriveWriteAccessA
COM1 NVARCHAR(255)     /dev/ttyS0 Driver interface mapped to COM1
COM2 NVARCHAR(255)       Driver interface mapped to COM2
COM3 NVARCHAR(255)       Driver interface mapped to COM3
COM4 NVARCHAR(255)       Driver interface mapped to COM4
COM5 NVARCHAR(255)       Driver interface mapped to COM5
AllowAudioInput NVARCHAR(16)        
TransparentKeyPassthrough NVARCHAR(255)        
KeyPassthroughEscapeChar NVARCHAR(16)        
KeyPassthroughEscapeShift NVARCHAR(16)        
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedInt1 INTEGER        
ReservedInt2 INTEGER        
IndexName IndexType Columns


How to create

TransferDefaults SMALLINT,
ClientNameTemplate NVARCHAR(255),
ScreenPercent NVARCHAR(32),
NoWindowManager NVARCHAR(16),
UseFullScreen NVARCHAR(16),
DesiredColor NVARCHAR(16),
UseDefaultSettingForColormap NVARCHAR(16),
ApproximateColors NVARCHAR(16),
TW2StopwatchMinimum INTEGER,
PersistentCachePath NVARCHAR(255),
PersistentCacheSize INTEGER,
PersistentCachePercent INTEGER,
PersistentCacheMinBitmap INTEGER,
DisableSound NVARCHAR(255),
ClientManagement NVARCHAR(255),
ClientDrive NVARCHAR(255),
BrowserProtocol NVARCHAR(255),
DoNotUseDefaultCSL NVARCHAR(16),
TcpGroupName1 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpGroupName2 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpGroupName3 NVARCHAR(255),
TransportReconnectEnabled NVARCHAR(255),
TransportReconnectRetries INTEGER,
TransportReconnectDelay INTEGER,
UseAlternateAddress SMALLINT,
ProxyHost NVARCHAR(255),
ProxyType NVARCHAR(255),
ServerURL NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress2 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress3 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress4 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress5 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress6 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress7 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress8 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress9 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress10 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress11 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress12 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress13 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress14 NVARCHAR(255),
HttpBrowserAddress15 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress2 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress3 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress4 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress5 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress6 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress7 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress8 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress9 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress10 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress11 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress12 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress13 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress14 NVARCHAR(255),
TcpBrowserAddress15 NVARCHAR(255),
Hotkey1Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey1Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey2Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey2Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey3Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey3Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey4Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey4Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey5Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey5Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey6Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey6Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey7Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey7Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey8Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey8Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey9Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey9Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey10Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey10Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey11Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey11Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey12Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey12Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey13Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey13Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey14Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey14Shift NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey15Char NVARCHAR(16),
Hotkey15Shift NVARCHAR(16),
DrivePathA NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledA NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessA SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessA SMALLINT,
DrivePathB NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledB NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessB SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessB SMALLINT,
DrivePathC NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledC NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessC SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessC SMALLINT,
DrivePathD NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledD NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessD SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessD SMALLINT,
DrivePathE NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledE NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessE SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessE SMALLINT,
DrivePathF NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledF NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessF SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessF SMALLINT,
DrivePathG NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledG NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessG SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessG SMALLINT,
DrivePathH NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledH NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessH SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessH SMALLINT,
DrivePathI NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledI NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessI SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessI SMALLINT,
DrivePathJ NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledJ NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessJ SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessJ SMALLINT,
DrivePathK NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledK NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessK SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessK SMALLINT,
DrivePathL NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledL NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessL SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessL SMALLINT,
DrivePathM NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledM NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessM SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessM SMALLINT,
DrivePathN NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledN NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessN SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessN SMALLINT,
DrivePathO NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledO NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessO SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessO SMALLINT,
DrivePathP NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledP NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessP SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessP SMALLINT,
DrivePathQ NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledQ NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessQ SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessQ SMALLINT,
DrivePathR NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledR NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessR SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessR SMALLINT,
DrivePathS NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledS NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessS SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessS SMALLINT,
DrivePathT NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledT NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessT SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessT SMALLINT,
DrivePathU NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledU NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessU SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessU SMALLINT,
DrivePathV NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledV NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessV SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessV SMALLINT,
DrivePathW NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledW NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessW SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessW SMALLINT,
DrivePathX NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledX NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessX SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessX SMALLINT,
DrivePathY NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledY NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessY SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessY SMALLINT,
DrivePathZ NVARCHAR(255),
DriveEnabledZ NVARCHAR(255),
DriveReadAccessZ SMALLINT,
DriveWriteAccessZ SMALLINT,
AllowAudioInput NVARCHAR(16),
TransparentKeyPassthrough NVARCHAR(255),
KeyPassthroughEscapeChar NVARCHAR(16),
KeyPassthroughEscapeShift NVARCHAR(16),
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedInt1 INTEGER,
ReservedInt2 INTEGER,