Table: RequiredDeviceImageFile

This table defines whether a special image should be updated on the client. Normally, an image file is defined in the setup of a device or OU. To overwrite this configuration, an image file for a device can be defined here.

ColumnName DataType Key  Not Null  Default Value Comment
RequiredDeviceImageFileID INTEGER PK NN   Unique ID
DeviceID INTEGER FK NN   ID of the device
DistributedImageFileID INTEGER FK NN   Image file to be used on next update request
IndexName IndexType Column References
PK_RequiredDeviceImageFile PRIMARY DistributionImageFileID

FK_RequiredDeviceImageFile_Device FOREIGN DeviceID Device(DeviceID)
FK_RequiredDeviceImageFile_DistributedImageFile FOREIGN DistributedImageFileID DistributionImageFile(DistributionImageFileID)


How to create

CREATE TABLE RequiredDeviceImageFile(
RequiredDeviceImageFileID INTEGER NOT NULL,
DistributedImageFileID INTEGER NOT NULL,
CONSTRAINT FK_RequiredDeviceImageFile_Device FOREIGN KEY (DeviceID) REFERENCES Device (DeviceID),
CONSTRAINT FK_RequiredDeviceImageFile_RequiredDeviceImageFile FOREIGN KEY (DistributedImageFileID) REFERENCES DistributionImageFile (DistributionImageFileID),
CONSTRAINT PK_RequiredDeviceImageFile
PRIMARY KEY (RequiredDeviceImageFile));