Table: DynamicClientGroupDevices

ColumnName DataType Key Not Null Default Value Comment
DynamicClientGroupDevicesID INTEGER PK NN   Unique ID of Dynamic Client Group devices
DynamicClientGroupID INTEGER       ID of the Dynamic Client Group the device belongs to
Mac NVARCHAR(255)       MAC address of the device
ClientIdentifier UNIQUEIDENTIFIER   NN   Unique identifier for client devices and eLux portable sticks
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255)        
ReservedInt1 INTEGER        
ReservedInt2 INTEGER        
IndexName IndexType Columns
PRIMARY PRIMARY DynamicClientGroupDevicesID


how to create

CREATE TABLE DynamicClientGroupDevices(
DynamicClientGroupDevicesID INTEGER NOT NULL,
DynamicClientGroupID INTEGER,
Mac NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedString1 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedString2 NVARCHAR(255),
ReservedInt1 INTEGER,
ReservedInt2 INTEGER,
PRIMARY KEY (DynamicClientGroupDevicesID));