Live information

The live information icons on the system bar show current status information, for example about the network connection and connected USB devices. In addition, most of them offer quick access to the corresponding Configuration dialog (Quick Config).1

Whether the live information icons are displayed2 and allowed for Quick Config3 depends on the device configuration set by the Scout administrator (Advanced desktop settings).

Showing live information details

Jumping to Configuration dialog / Quick Config

The following section describes a few types of live information.

Connected USB devices

Devices managed by Scout must be configured to allow local use of USB devices via mountpoints (Device configuration > Hardware). Otherwise, connected USB devices will not be displayed.

Current network connection

The network icon in the figure above shows a WLAN including approximate signal strength.

If the network connection is interrupted, the network icon is displayed with an exclamation mark.

VPN connections

Each active VPN connection is displayed as a live information icon . Using the context menu, you can open the user interface of the VPN application or disconnect the connection.7

Battery level for mobile devices

Information Description
Active profile Shows whether the High performance or the Power saver (Eco) profile is active. If Auto is configured, the active profile depends on whether the device is connected to the power supply.
Battery level Shows the current battery status in percent
Remaining time on battery (on battery power) Shows the remaining minutes on battery power if the device is not connected to the power supply
Fully charged in (plugged in) Shows the time in minutes until the battery is fully charged when the device is connected to the power supply.

The battery icon in the figure above indicates that the device is connected to the power supply. Without power supply, the icon shows the approximate battery status.

Locally connected printers

A live information icon is also shown for local printers.