– from SCG 1 2101

Configure each new instance after installation in the Configuration view under Gateways.

VPN connections of a gateway instance

Each new SCG instance must be reachable for the target devices via VPN.

1 Select your new instance.
2 Variants for multiple gateway instances: Same host name and different ports or different host names and same port
3 VPN port
  • Use a free port. The system does not check for existing assignments.

  • Open the port in your firewall.

4 Range of IP addresses that will be assigned by the Scout Cloud Gateway for secure communication with eLux


5 Subnet mask for the IP address range


Web server configuration

During installation1 the system automatically creates a self-signed certificate that secures the connection between the web server and the WebAdmin interface of the SCG instance.2 This allows the administrator to perform further configuration using the WebAdmin interface - and an HTTPS connection - immediately after installing an SCG instance. The self-signed certificate is valid for 365 days and is renewed automatically.

If you have an individual certificate, replace the self-signed certificate. To do so, click Select file.3

For multiple gateway instances, you can either use a separate certificate for each instance and assign it in the respective WebAdmin interface. Alternatively, use a wildcard certificate for all instances, if this is applicable within your structure.