Devices view

All integrated devices are shown with their properties. The Devices view gives you an overview of all devices in your infrastructure. You can filter the devices on one or more properties. For all or selected devices, you can perform actions and, for example, renew certificates.

For further information, see Device certificates.

1 Number of all devices integrated in this SCG instance, number of connected devices, number of disconnected devices1

If a filter is active, the numbers refer to the filtered values.

2 Select all devices
3 Select individual device
4 Status of a device: connected or disconnected
5 To sort by a property (ascendent, descendent, undo sorting), click the relevant column header
6 Point to a column header to display filtering and sorting functions.
7 Remove all filters

As soon as a filter is active, the icon is displayed in color.

8 Renew or revoke certificates for selected devices2
9 Remove selected devices3


Virtual IP adress

– from SCG 1 2201

The virtual IP address is the internal IP address assigned by the VPN for the duration of a connection.
It is displayed once a device is connected and the VPN tunnel is established.4

For clusters: When you upgrade to a later SCG version, always upgrade all SCG instances in a cluster. Otherwise, the virtual IP address is displayed only for devices that are connected to an SCG instance with version SCG 1 2201 or later.

The virtual IP addresses also help you keep track of the boundaries of your VPN address ranges.


Filtering devices

Filter rules allow you to filter the devices on any fields (text and date). Multiple filter rules can be combined.5

1 Field by which is filtered
2 Operator for date or text fields
3 Filter value
4 For date fields, either select or enter the date.
5 Operator for linking another filter rule (And/Or)
6 Delete individual filter rule
7 Add more filter rules
  1. On a column header, click theMenu icon and then select Filter.

    A filter definition is displayed in the left section of the table, which is still incomplete. The selected column is already displayed.

  2. Check that the desired field is selected under Column (1). If necessary, select the field you want to filter by from the drop-down list.

  3. Select the Operator (2) using the drop-down list. Different operators are available for date fields (example: is before) than for text fields (example: contains).

  4. Specify the Value (3) you want to filter on.

  5. To filter by another field, click Add Filter (6) and specify whether the two filter rules should be linked by And or Or(5).

The data is immediately and dynamically filtered by the defined filter rules. The Remove filter button becomes active.

Defined filters remain persistent for longer than the current session. You can tell whether a filter is active by the blue color of the button.


Removing devices from the SCG integration

– from SCG 1 2107

The devices may be connected or disconnected.

  1. In the selection column on the far left, select one or more devices.

  2. In the upper right corner, click Remove devices.

The devices are no longer connected via the SCG, only the currently existing connections remain unaffected. Certificates that are still valid are automatically revoked. To reconnect, the devices must go through an onboarding process.