Adding individual file entries

1 Entries from a parent OU or the global Advanced options are shown with a >>.1

To show the origin, move the mouse pointer over the relevant entry.

2 For a new entry, first select the relevant file or enter the path and filename.
3 For the new entry, then specify the section, key and value.
4 Click Add to add the new entry.
5 Click Replace to replace the selected entry in the list by the new entry.


  1. In the Scout Console, click Options > Advanced Options.
    For the relevant OU, open the context menu and click Advanced device configuration...

  2. Click the Advanced file entries tab.

  3. Below the list, edit the following fields:

    Option Description
    File Enter the full path including file name or select from the list:

    Terminal: /setup/terminal.ini
    Citrix ICA: /setup/ica/wfclient.ini and /setup/ica/appsrv.ini
    Cisco VPN: /setup/ciscovpn/sample.pcf

    Section Section heading without brackets
    Key Keyword
    Value Value you want to assign to the keyword
    Blanks, hyphens and multiple values are allowed.

    Example: valueA,valueB,valueC;comment

  4. Click Add.
  5. Confirm with Apply and OK

The new entry is written to the .ini file on the next device restart.