Adding applications

1.  In the tree view, right-click the Applications icon of the relevant OU.

2.  On the context menu, click Add.

The Application Properties dialog opens. This dialog provides several tabs, each of them relating to a particular application type.


The following options of the Application Properties are available for most application types:

Option Description
Name Name of the application shown in the Scout Console

Applications are identified by their name. Make sure to use a unique name for them.

Display name
Name of the application shown on the device (control panel, start menu)
Sorting ID Specifies the sorting order for applications pinned to the system bar

1 sorts alphabetically (default)

Server Name of the server the application connects to
Login The user is automatically logged on to the terminal server by using predefined credentials (username, password, domain).
Pass-through logon The values of the local user variables $ELUXUSER, $ELUXPASSWORD and $ELUXDOMAIN are used to log on to the authentication server. This allows to use the AD logon data of the eLux desktop for automatic logon to the configured applications (single sign-on).

For further information, see User variables.

Application restart The application is immediately restarted after it has been closed either unexpectedly or by the user.
Start automatically after The application starts automatically after eLux has been started. Optionally, you can delay the auto-start process by defining the required number of seconds.
Desktop icon Provides an additional desktop shortcut for the application (icon and display name)

(except for PN Agent)

Free Parameters Individual parameters for program start