Advanced application settings / RDP and VMware

The settings described below apply to the following applications:

Accessing advanced application settings

Access to the advanced settings can be restricted via the object rights.1

View tab

Option Description
Window size Full-screen or a specific resolution
Full-screen on monitor If you have selected the window size Full-screen, select if you want to display on one specific or all monitors. Up to eight monitors are supported.
Colors Color depth for the session (8-32 Bit)

If you use multiple monitors but wish to display content on only one of them, under Device configuration > Desktop > Advanced > Windowmanager, the Maximize/fullscreen to single monitor option must be selected.

Local Resources tab

– for terminal servers supporting RDP protocol version 5.2 or later –
The settings take effect only if, on the Advanced tab, the value of the Protocol field is not set to RDP V4.

Option Description
Drive mapping Select drive, mount point and drive letter that you want to show in the RDP/VMware session.
The mount points correspond to the local access paths of the resources and are provided by eLux.

For USB devices, define the assignment with
Internally, the mount point for USB devices is set to /media/usbdisk. If multiple USB devices are plugged in, they use the same mapping. Each USB device is displayed in its dedicated folder. A digit is appended to the folder name and incremented (usbdisk0, usbdisk1).
For further information, see Mount points.

Connect printer Up to four printer definitions can be created automatically for a session. The printers must be configured on the Defining a locally connected printer tab in the eLux device configuration and have the correct driver name as defined on the server (case-sensitive!). The first four profiles can be used with drivers. To define a default printer, choose Set as default in the eLux printer configuration.
Sound Play local reproduces the sound locally on the device. Play remote causes playback on the remote server.
Connect ports Makes the defined port connections accessible in the session
Enable smartcard Smart cards based on a certificate can be used for logon.

Advanced tab

Option Description
Protocol (only RDP) Enables you to set the RDP protocol to version 4 or 5
Normally, the protocol is recognized automatically.
Keyboard language Defines the keyboard layout within a session
The default is Auto which corresponds to the keyboard setting of the eLux device configuration.

If you define a specific language, it must be identical to the keyboard language defined in the eLux device configuration, in the Keyboard dialog.

Deactivate Window-Manager Decorations The frames of the eLux windows are hidden.
Deactivate encrypting The server does not accept encrypted sessions. You can use this option to increase performance.
By default, the option is disabled.
Deactivate mouse move events Mouse position data are not transferred to the server constantly, but with every mouse click. This increases system performance and is especially helpful for connections with small bandwidth.
By default, the option is disabled.
Show connection bar on full screen Shows connection list in full-screen mode
Bandwidth Choose between standard, modem, broadband or LAN.