Self-Service user interface with extensions

The Citrix Self-Service user interface (UI) can also be used in an extended version with further functionality

Defining Citrix Self-Service UI with extensions

– Steps for eLux RP 5 / for eLux RP 6.2 and later versions, see Citrix Self-Service in kiosk mode (current eLux versions)


The eLux package Citrix Workspace-App for Linux must be installed on the devices.
The eLux package Citrix Extensions 2.x or later and the included feature package Self-service wrapper must be installed on the devices.

For modifications on the Citrix dialog design, further feature packages must be installed on the devices:
Dialog Extension and Self-service dialog themes

This may require modifications of the image definition file on the web server via ELIAS.

  1. Add a new application (see Adding applications) and select the application type Local.

  2. Edit the following fields:

    Option Description
    Name Name for the application
    Local application Select Custom.
    Enter the following program name to start the application:
    Free parameters

    Define StoreFront URLs for all stores you want to provide as Defining free application parameters as shown below:

    StoreUrl1=<URL to store1>
    StoreUrl2=<URL to store2>
    StoreUrl3=<URL to store3>

    Alternatively, you can provide the users with a range of predefined stores to choose from.1For further information, see Self-Service user interface with MultiStore option.

  3. Optionally, define further parameters and values for window properties and connection options.For further information, see Parameters for the Self-Service extension (ucselfservice).
  4. Confirm with Apply and OK.

  5. To change the design of the Citrix dialogs for all Citrix connections, use the Scout feature Advanced file entries.For further information, see Parameters for the Self-Service extension (ucselfservice).