Parameters for the Self-Service extension (ucselfservice)

Parameters for window properties and connection options

Parameter Description Origin
SharedUserMode=<true|false> Shared User Mode allows you to use one system user account for multiple users. When users log off or close the UI, the user data are removed. Citrix
FullscreenMode=<0|1|2> 0 Not full-screen
1 Full-screen
2 Maximized and undecorated, taskbar remains visible
This can be useful as users can launch seamless applications.

Default: 0 (not full-screen)



Used to disable the search box and the self-selection panel

Disabling prevents users from subscribing to extra applications.

Default: false

ReconnectOnLogon=<true|false> Tries to reconnect to all sessions, for a given store, immediately after logon to that store Citrix
StoreGateway=<store gateway> If required, specify a gateway Citrix
ReconnectOnLaunchOrRefresh=<true|false> Tries to reconnect to all sessions when an application is launched or the store is refreshed Citrix
SessionWindowedMode=<true|false> true: Display desktops windowed
false: Display desktops in full-screen
UseLogoffDelay=<0|1> To activate automatic logoff, set UseLogoffDelay=1. Unicon
LogoffDelay=<seconds> Delay in seconds for automatic logoff Unicon
ForcedLogoff=<0|1> 1 Logoff timer is started with logon
0 Logoff timer is started when the last Citrix app is closed.
LogoffInfoTimeout=<seconds> During logoff (selfservice restart), an info dialog can be shown to the user for some seconds.   Unicon

For further information, see Defining free application parameters.

To provide stores to the users, you can either predefine them as fixed values or predefine a range of stores the user can choose from in a pre-logon dialog.1 For further information, see Self-Service user interface with extensions or Self-Service user interface with MultiStore option.

Parameters for the design of the Citrix dialogs

After the terminal.ini file has been updated on the device, another device restart might be required to enable the new setting.