Command definition parameters

For each command definition, in the scheduler.ini file, a new [Job<N>] section is created. Find all command definition parameters with their possible values below.

Parameter Description
Id Character string for unique identification of the command
Type Command type
2Synchronize configuration
3Restart device
52Shut down
Schedule The format follows the systemd calendar events. Syntax for a timestamp:

Tue 2020-01-21 11:12:13
Minutely *-*-* *:*:00
Hourly *-*-* *:00:00
Daily*-*-* 00:00:00
Monthly *-*-01 00:00:00
Weekly Mon *-*-* 00:00:00


*-*-* 4:00:00Every day at 4:00 am
Mon..Fri *-*-* 22:30Every workday at 10:30 pm
-*-1,5 11:12Every first and fifth day of any month at 11:12. am
Sun 2020-*-* 17:15Every Sunday of the year 2020 at 5:15 pm

For further information, see


Time span in which random delays are generated to prevent simultaneous execution on many devices

Default: 0

Persistent true|false

If true, missed command executions (jobs) are immediately recovered after the next device start.

Command Only for Type=4: Command for user-defined command
WakeSystem true|false

If true, the system will be woken up from sleep mode (suspend) to execute scheduled commands.