Reserving device profiles

Devices can be assigned to OUs even before the devices connect to the Scout Server for the first time.

By creating devices manually in the Scout Console, you reserve a device profile by its MAC address. As soon as such a manually created device contacts its Scout Server for initial start-up, the registered MAC address is recognized and the device is entered. The configuration data of the relevant OU are transferred to the device.

Reserving device profiles can be applied for the following device registration procedures:

If an OU filter is active, the OU filter is applied prior to the device profile reservation.

Reserving a device profile

1.  Select the OU you want to assign the device to, and show its sub tree.

2.  Below the OU, open the Devices context menu and select Add...

3.  Enter the 12-digit MAC address of the device without hyphens.

If the MAC address is valid, the Device configuration dialog opens. The Use parent option is selected by default.

4.  Confirm with OK..

Scout reserves a profile for the device with the respective MAC address. The actual registration is made at the time of the first device connection.

Importing devices also results in the reservation of device profiles within the OU structure.
To create new devices in a greater number, we recommend using the Import feature. For further information, see Import/Export.