Browser home directory

By default, the browser settings are temporarily saved to the flash memory. However, they are deleted with each device restart.

Defining a browser home directory on the network, however, allows you to let users save and make available their browser settings such as bookmarks persistently. To do so, use a network share that you have configured for access:

Defining browser home directory


Configured Windows network share (Defined drive).
Example: /smb/share
For further information, see Defining a network drive.

  1. In the tree view, for the relevant level, open the Applications context menu and click Software defaults...

    For further information, see Software defaults.

  2. On the list-field, select the relevant browser and click Edit.

  3. In the Browser home directory field, enter the name of one of the defined drives in Device configuration > Drives. The name must correspond to the name on the list.
    Example: /smb/share

  4. Confirm with OK..

The browser settings are saved to the specified Windows directory.