Configuring FollowMe Desktop

To use the FollowMe Desktop feature, make one or more FollowMe configurations available to certain AD users via filter definitions. Then define on which devices you want to allow the retrieval of a FollowMe configuration.

Creating FollowMe configurations


Administrator base right Show FollowMe Desktop OU

  1. In the tree structure, below the FollowMe Desktop top-level OU, create further FollowMe OUs such as a FollowMe Helpdesk OU. To do so, from the context menu, choose Add > Organization unit.
  2. Edit the device configuration of the new FollowMe OUs (Desktop, Drives, USB options, Power management). Then add the relevant application definitions to the FollowMe OUs.

    New FollowMe Desktop OUs do not inherit configuration values from the base device configuration or base applications. Within the FollowMe Desktop structure, however, inheritance is active by default. Subordinate FollowMe OUs inherit the device configuration and applications from the parent FollowMe instance, unless you disable inheritance.

    The configuration values of a FollowMe-OU overwrite the device configuration values valid on the device.

  3. For each FollowMe OU, define a filter that filters for an AD membership. To do so, from the context menu, choose Set filter.

    The filter definitions are independent of any inheritance. For each FollowMe OU, define a separate filter.

    In the filter rule, you can filter for the AD properties User, Group or Domain.
    Syntax: USER|GROUP|DOMAIN=<Value>
    Multiple filter rules are allowed.

    For devices with the FollowMe Desktop enabled, the user AD properties are written to the eluxd.log file (search for FollowMeDesktop).

    All active filter rules are processed in the specified order. AD users matching this filter definition will have access to the applications and desktop properties configured in the FollowMe OU after logging on to devices for which FollowMe Desktop is enabled.

User-related FollowMe configurations are defined. In the next step, define for which OUs or devices these configurations may be retrieved.

Enabling devices for FollowMe Desktop

Specify the devices that shall have access to multiple configurations. In some cases, users may prefer the device configuration defined in the OU structure on their workstation device. On other devices, for example in the service area, they may prefer a FollowMe configuration.

In the device configuration of an OU / device (or in the base device configuration), you define whether a device should retrieve Follow-Me configurations when authorized AD users log on.

After AD users log on, their AD properties are evaluated. If the Scout Server finds a matching FollowMe OU, the configuration defined there is loaded.