Configuring mirroring

  1. On the Security tab, under Mirroring, select Enable.

    After you enable mirroring, the device needs two restarts to be able to start the VNC server.

  2. Click Settings... for configuration:

    Option Description
    If you define a mirror password, the password will be requested before a mirror session can be started.

    The password must have 6 characters minimum and 8 characters maximum.

    Read-only access Allows read access only

    If not selected, in the mirroring session, the user may still select the Read only option so that the administrator has read-only access.

    User must confirm within Before the mirror session can be started, the user must confirm.

    Specify how many seconds you want to display the request before the connection is aborted.

    Log mirror session For each mirror session, a log file is created and saved to a sub-directory of the Scout Server files directory.
    Encrypt data transmission Uses encrypted transmission
    Allow from Scout only Mirroring is only allowed if the Scout Console is used.
    Log off on disconnection Automatic logoff as soon as the connection is aborted
  3. Confirm with OK and Apply.

For further information, see Mirroring.

The user can cancel a mirror session at any time.