Sleep mode (Suspend)

– from Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15.3 and eLux RP 6.3 –

The sleep mode corresponds to Suspend to RAM (S3).

To put their device into sleep mode, users click a button in the extended Command panel. The sleep mode can also be activated by the system if the power management options are configured accordingly.

When the device goes into sleep mode, the eLux user remains logged on by default. After reactivating the device, users can continue working right away. This assumes that the backend is configured accordingly: When an application is disconnected, the user must not be logged off automatically.

If you want users to log on and authenticate again after the device wakes from sleep mode, select Log off user before sleep mode in the Device configuration > Power management.1 The user is then logged off and when the device wakes from sleep mode is given the eLux logon dialog.

In the Scout Console, the Properties window shows the status of a suspended device as Switched off (Suspended).