Command results and update information per device

Feedback on performed Update, Delivery and User-defined commands is available for individual devices

In addition, all executed commands for all devices are displayed in the Command history window. For further information, see Command history.

All processes are recorded, even if the commands turn out to be obsolete and haven't been run or have been aborted. Successfully completed commands are shown with a green symbol.

Viewing command results for an individual device

The following instructions are related to Update commands. Viewing results of a UEFI update, delivery or user-defined command is done accordingly.

  1. To show the Properties window, click View > Window > Properties.

    The Properties window is shown permanently in the upper right. For the selected device some properties are shown. Properties can be shown or hidden by using the icon.

  2. Select the relevant device in the tree view.

    In the Properties window, in the Update section, the following fields are provided:

    Image Current image
    Update time Exact point in time of the latest update
    Update status Current status such as Update in progress, Update successful or Update not necessary
    Update provider Origin of software packages (web server or proxy)
    Update size Size of the transferred packages in compressed format

    The properties Update provider and Update size are evaluated for updates, but not for the migration to a major version or a downgrade.

  3. Double-click the term Update status or click ... at the end of the line.

    The Update Info window is displayed. On the left, you can see all updates that have been processed, aborted or not processed because the image had been up-tpemu1o-date. For a selected update command, you can view all logged data on the right side, among them the installed software packages.

Command Info

Information on the last command or update of a device can also be viewed by using the device context menu in the tree view.

Scout Report Generator

Use the following fields for your evaluations:

Command name Executed command for user-defined commands
Command time
(UEFI) update time
Delivery time
Time stamp of command execution
Command result
Update state
Delivery state
Successful| Failed | Not available

Further values are available for Update and Delivery commands.

Command output1 Only for user-defined commands with specific results

Note that the Command result may be successful for many commands while there is no Command output.

For Update, UEFI update and Delivery commands, further fields are provided corresponding to the fields in the Properties window.