Defining the page layout for print output

Before printing a report, check the page formatting to make sure the page breaks for multiple pages are correct.

You can define headers and footers that are shown on each page.

Defining headers and footers

1.  In the Report Layout, on the Header/Footer tab, select Show headeror Show footer.

2.  Into the text boxes Left text, Centered text and Right text, type the text you want to show on each page, or select one or more fields from the dropdown list:

You can insert more than one field and you can combine free text with fields.

Example: Created <Date>, <Time>

3.  If required, click the ... button to specify the font and font size.

Defining page formats

1.  On the Worksheet tab, under Page size, select a predefined page size and the page orientation Portrait or Landscape.

2.  If you do not use one of the predefined page sizes, select User-defined to type in your individual page dimensions.

3.  If required, under Margins, modify the predefined values for the margins.

The page layout settings affect direct printing and documents exported to PDF and Excel.