Product and support lifecycle

Unicon reserves the right to make changes to the time frames based on business needs or technical requirements.

The Unicon products eLux and Scout Enterprise Management Suite pass through three life-cycle phases. Each phase is induced by a milestone.

The life-cycle of Unicon products is driven by the customer requirements for new features and constantly evolving technologies including enhancements to existing products.

Milestones in the product lifecycle

General Availability (GA) Date on which a major product release is made available for download on our technical portal

With GA, the maintenance period is started.

Unicon customers receive continued support exclusively for the latest version of the Long Term Service Release (LTSR) provided on with the latest Cumulative Update (CU), and for the latest version of the Current Release (CR) provided.

End of Maintenance (EOM) Date of GA of the next major product release

After EOM, Unicon is no longer obliged to give software support. Unicon offers Extended Support on request (chargeable).

End of Life (EOL) With EOL, no further security fixes are published. Support and downloads are no longer available for this product.

EOL is a minimum of six months from the EOM date.

After EOL, the customer may continue to use the product version within the product license terms. As the maintenance period has expired, the product can only be used on an as-is basis. The customer might be asked to update or migrate to the latest version.

Life-cycle milestones for individual products

eLux base operating system (x86) GA EOM EOL
eLux RP 6 2017-07-14 2024-03-31 2025-03-31
Scout Enterprise Management Suite      
Scout 15 2017-07-14 2024-03-311 n/a
Scout Cloud Gateway      
Scout Cloud Gateway 1 2019-07-10 2024-07-10 n/a
Scout Agent for Windows Platforms      
Scout Agent for Windows 1 2015-07-14 2023-07-132 n/a

The Unicon product life-cycle and the related services apply exclusively to already purchased products of current Unicon customers. They do not apply to other products or to any other third parties. Unicon reserves the right to make changes to life-cycles and support terms if required.

Support terms

During the product life-cycle GA to EOM, services are provided as listed above and as stated in the EULA terms.

For EOM to EOL, Unicon offers additional support (Extended Support) on request. Extended Support is subject to a charge.