Creating an individual USB recovery stick


  • PC running Windows 10 or later versions with the ELIAS tool installed
  • Administrator rights for ELIAS
  • Write access to a local USB port
  • Connected USB stick with 2 GB memory space

Creating a USB recovery stick

  1. In ELIAS, open the relevant IDF (.idf).

  2. Click Image > Create USB stick ...

  3. In the Recovery USB stick creation dialog, in the first list field, select the operating system of the relevant devices for which you want to create the recovery flash drive:

    eLux RP 6 X64 Recovery eLux RP 6 (64 Bit) with and without UEFI
    eLux RP 5 Recovery eLux RP 5
    eLux RP 5 UEFI Recovery eLux RP 5 with UEFI

    Note that, depending on the selected system, the image must contain the relevant eLux packages for the 64 bit kernel and UEFI.

  4. In the second list field, select the appropriate USB drive. If more than one USB storage device is connected, select the relevant one.

  5. To delete the contents on the selected USB stick or reset an existing recovery system, click the Delete all stick data button.

  6. Click Create recovery system.

    Creating a USB recovery stick involves two important steps:

      • Creating the recovery system on the USB storage device to turn the USB stick bootable
      • Transferring the individual IDF containing the relevant eLux packages to the container directory on the USB stick.

A progress bar at the bottom indicates the status of the copying process. As soon as the USB stick is fully written, a message is displayed.

After having created your USB recovery stick, you can optionally create a disk image in terms of a .zip file to make it distributable.

Creating a disk image of the USB recovery stick

  1. Immediately after the creation of the USB recovery stick, click Yes.

  2. Select a storage location and name for the .zip file.

ELIAS creates a .zip file containing an image of the USB recovery stick as a DD file. In addition, the .zip file includes the application StickWizz.exe and a text file with a description .

The StickWizz tool helps you create a bootable USB stick out of the image. For further information, see Creating USB recovery stick from disk image.


For Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15.0 and later versions, you can alternatively create an stw file from your image on a local or network drive. The StickWizz tool then helps you create a bootable USB stick out of the stw file. For further information, see Creating an individual StickWizz file as an installation base.