Creating images and templates

An image –more correct: an image definition file – defines all software packages of the device's firmware. It includes packages for the operational system and for applications.

In ELIAS 18, images are based on templates. An image template can roughly define the software packages required for an OU, while you can create slightly different images from the template. The procedure is very simple:

  1. Create a template that contains the main software packages for your image.

  2. Solve the template to create an image. ELIAS replaces unversioned packages by the latest package version. Also, ELIAS adds missing packages.

  3. Modify the image as required and save it.

To enable eLux devices to use the image for firmware updates, the file is converted internally to .idf. In the Scout Console, in the device configuration, the administrator specifies the path name defined during the ELIAS 18 installation and the image name with file extension .idf
Example: .../elias/UC_RP6_X64/recovery.idf
For further information, see Configuring firmware updates in the Scout guide.