Managing images and templates

To work with an image or template, in the overview of the Image Library, click to open it. The operations described below can only be applied to open (and saved) images or templates.

1 Back to the overview of the Image Library
2 Rename image or template

Click the name and enter a new name.

3 Image or template is unlocked
4 Image or template is complete
5 Preferences
6 Lock/unlock image or template

To locked images or templates no changes can be made.

7 Sign image or template

Requires a code signing certificate. For further information, see Signing an image.

8 Export an image with or without packages

The Export button is only shown if the image or template is saved. As soon as you make a change, the Save button is shown instead.

Fur further information, see Exporting an image.

9 Delete the image or template from the container
10 Save a copy of the image or template under a new name
11 Solve the image or template

For further information, see Creating an image.