Package Library

In the Package Library, the container you have selected in the Container Library is displayed.

Once you have imported software packages into the container, they are shown in the Package Library. The figure below shows the packages of an imported file.

The term Packages refers to eLux software packages (EPM, eLux package module). They are stored in .epm files and normally have subordinate features (FPM, Feature package module) which are stored in .fpm files.

The Package Library allows you to do the following:

1 Search for package names and descriptions

For further information, see Searching for packages, images and templates

2 Switch to list view: Shows packages in alphabetical order
3 Toggle alphabetical sort order (ascending / descending)1
4 Category: Related packages are grouped in categories.
5 Package placeholder (unversioned package)
6 Packages in specific versions
7 Delete package (Admin role required)
8 Show/Hide subordinate entries

You will probably mostly work with the Package Library and Image Library. If required, to change the view, click one of the buttons Certificate Library or Container Library on the ELIAS title bar.