Drives dialog

Define shared Windows network directories as drives the devices can access.These drives can be used as storage locations for browser files.

Option Description
Local directory Name for the directory
Server Name of the server
Share path Share path with Windows share name
Username Windows domain and username to access the directory:


In the figure, user variables are used.

Password Password to access the directory
Active Directory authentication
The Active Directory logon data are used to access the directory.The Username and Password fields are then hidden.

To access network drives with AD authentication, the software package Network drive share and the included feature package Linux Key Management Utilities must be installed on the devices.This may require modifications of the image definition file on the web server via ELIAS.

Test Checks whether a connection can be established using the data specified

The directory path /smb/ is automatically added in front of the directory name.The data are available on the local flash drive under /smb/<Directory name>.

Example: /smb/share

To make browser settings such as bookmarks permanently available, define a network drive as the browser home directory.For further information, see Browser home directory.