Import advanced file entries (Type=13)

The import of advanced file entries can be done via SCMD for an individual device. It requires

Section [Setup]

Entry Value/Example Description Mand.
DeviceName M625q Host name of the device for which the entry is set
IniEntryFile1 /setup/terminal.ini File to be written to
IniEntrySection1 Security Section
IniEntryKey1 TestKey Entry/Key
IniEntryValue1 TestVal Value

For further information, see Adding individual file entries in the Scout guide.

To import additional file entries for the device, increment the number for the entry. Further file entries can be defined for the same file or for other files.

Example: The text file inientries.ini that is shown in the figure on the left produces the file entries shown on the right on the device after it has been processed via SCMD.