Troubleshooting application definition

Error / problem Reason Solution
Missing firmware The required software is not installed on the device Install the software on the device. For further information, see Creating an IDF in the ELIAS guide and Firmware update.
Doubled names Two applications have the same name. This causes conflicts because applications are identified by their names. Use unique names.
Hidden application cannot be executed Applications are invisible for the user when they run in hidden mode. This option is available for applications of the custom type. Enable the option Start automatically or Application restart to start hidden applications on start or to run them non-stop, respectively.
Problems with certificates in combination with VMware server Server problem occurred: 
After successful installation, the VMware server uses a self-signed certificate. If a device is configured correctly, it will not accept. The reason is that the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) is mandatory for server certificates.
Create a server certificate in the Windows-CA with FQDN.

If you use mmc: Create a server certificate using the Snap-In Certificates (Local computer).

The key must be exportable.

The display name of the server must be vdm. The name must be unique in the certificate store Local computer / Personal.

COM port redirection in RDP session does not work Communication errors such as high latencies in the network between your serial device and the virtual desktop do not allow serial communication. Use the permissive mode for the RDP application. This parameter causes communication errors to be downgraded to warnings, and communication becomes more tolerant of timeouts.

Define a free parameter in your RDP application definition with the permissive option.


For further information, see Defining free application parameters.