Preferences Firefox

For version 60 ESR and later versions, Firefox supports enterprise policies that are deployed via .json files and are cross-platform compatible.1 Starting with RP 6.5 and later versions, Firefox is installed with enterprise policies enabled that block access to about:config and other configuration options by default.

Setting preferences with .json files (policies)

– for eLux RP 6.5 / Firefox 60 ESR and later versions –

You can use all options that are listed in the README on the Mozilla GitHub repository.2
One or more options are transferred in a .json file to the device by using the Scout feature Files configured for transfer.

By default, access to the Firefox configuration is blocked.

  1. Create a .json file (any file name) and insert one or more options separated by commas.

    "BlockAboutConfig": false,
    "DisableBuiltinPDFViewer": true


  2. In the Scout Console, for the relevant devices, open Advanced device configuration > Files.

    Define your .json file as source file. For the destination folder, use /setup/firefox/policies/.
    Example: /setup/firefox/policies/custom_A.json

    For further information, see Files configured for transfer.

On the next device restart, the files are transferred and evaluated.

You can deploy multiple .json files to the device to /setup/firefox/policies/. The files are merged in alphabetical order: For identical options, values from files with descending names have precedence (B overrides A).