Browser in kiosk mode (< eLux RP 6 2212)

– for eLux RP 6.5 and later versions –

For kiosk mode, the Builtin Browser is used. In kiosk mode, the browser is started in full-screen mode and with limited user rights. The user cannot open other windows and cannot exit the browser. Note that the Builtin Browser if defined as a browser application is not run in kiosk mode even if address and navigation bar are hidden.

Firefox can be run in kiosk mode up to version ESR 52.8 1. Mozilla supports kiosk mode again starting with version 71.0, but without configuration options. For further information, see Kiosk mode for Firefox.

  1. For the relevant devices, open Advanced device configuration > Advanced file entries and define the following entry:

    File /setup/terminal.ini
    Section Layout
    Entry KioskMode
    Value 2

    For further information, see Advanced file entries.

    This parameter enables the kiosk mode for the browser application.

  2. Create a text file named kioskmode.ini and add the section header [Browser1].

  3. Below, enter the relevant parameters:2

    Parameter Description
    Url=<URL of startup page> Web page (URL) that opens after starting the browser
    Homepage=<URL of homepage> Web page (URL) that opens when you click Home
    SaveFirstLink=true|false If true, the first URL loaded when coming from the startup page will be saved as new startup page.
    Navbar=true|false Determines whether the navigation bar is shown
    NavbarPrint=true|false Determines whether the Print button is shown on the navigation bar
    NavbarForward=true|false Determines whether the Forward button is shown on the navigation bar
    NavbarBackward=true|false Determines whether the Backward button is shown on the navigation bar
    NavbarHome=true|false Determines whether the Home button is shown on the navigation bar
    NavbarUrl=true|false Determines whether the address bar is shown
    NavbarRefresh=true|false Determines whether the Refresh button is shown on the navigation bar
  4. Transfer the kioskmode.ini file to the devices to /setup/kioskmode.ini. To do so, use the Scout feature Files configured for transfer. For further information, see Files configured for transfer.

The terminal.ini entry along with the kioskmode.ini file on the device will cause the Builtin-Browser to open in kiosk mode after system start-up. The configured functions are available to the user. No applications other than the browser can be started.

For correct use of the kiosk mode, we recommend that you restrict the user rights for the device as required.

Defining different web pages for devices/OUs

– from eLux RP 6.7 –

If you want your devices to start with different browser startup pages (Url) or have different home pages (Homepage), you can parameterize the web pages using environment variables. Carry out the steps described above with the following differences:

  1. In the kioskmode.ini, in the [Browser1] section, for the first and/or second value, set a variable. Example:

  2. Define the varables used in the kioskmode.ini as environment variables for the relevant devices (Advanced device configuration). Example:

    For further information, see Environment variables.