Defining eLux Commands

– from Scout 15 2103

The eLux Command Scheduler is configured in the Scout Console.

1 Select command
2 Configure periodic scheduling
3 Configure user interaction and deferment options
4 Generate random delays between devices
5 Missed jobs are caught up
6 Devices are woken up from suspend to execute jobs
  1. Open Options > Advanced options or the Advanced device configuration of an OU. Then choose the eLux Command Scheduler tab.

  2. To define a new command, click Add.

  3. In the Define eLux Command dialog, edit the following fields:

    Option Description
    Command Type of command

    To execute user-defined commands, system rights are required. Therefore, include the password.

    Schedule Periodic scheduling of the command

    If the provided options are still too few, in the schedule.ini, you can define a string using the systemd syntax. For further information, see Command definition parameters.

    User interaction Determine whether and how long you want to inform the users before the command is executed, and whether they are allowed to defer it. For further information, see Deferment options for users.
    Spread factor Time span in which random delays are generated to prevent simultaneous execution on many devices

    Example 600 seconds:
    If the execution time is 6:00 pm, a randomly generated time value for the execution of the command per device, which may be a maximum of 600 seconds, is added to the time 6:00 pm. The command is therefore executed between 6:00 and 6:10 for all devices.

    Default: 0

    Persistent Missed command executions (jobs) are immediately caught up after the next device start. If multiple repetitions of the same command were scheduled, the command is repeated once.
    Wake device from sleep Devices will be woken up from sleep mode (suspend) to execute scheduled commands.
  4. Confirm with OK and Apply.

    The scheduled command is displayed in the eLux Command Scheduler tab of the Advanced Options and in the eLux Command Scheduler tab of the Advanced Device Configuration for all OUs. Creating and editing is only allowed in the Advanced Options.

  5. Define which OUs you want (not) to inherit the jobs of the eLux Command Scheduler. By default, the settings (jobs) in Advanced Device Configuration > eLux Command Scheduler are inherited from the next higher instance.

The scheduled command is executed by all devices whose OU inherits the jobs of the eLux Command Scheduler at the next due point in time.

To view information on the status and the next execution of a command, on the device, use
systemctl status <jobId>.service and
systemctl status <jobId>.timer.