Database cleanup

Scout stores huge amounts of data concerning various processes such as any performed update commands. To purge the Scout database tables, authorized administrators can delete database entries from particular tables for a specified period of time.

The relevant tables are listed in the Database cleanup dialog, each table providing the total number of entries and the creation date of the first entry. The administrator can modify only the fields Selection and to.

Alerts in the Scout Console Alert messages (Error, Warning, Info), can be viewed by double-clicking the lamp icon on the Scout Console status bar
Logging of administrator activities Log file entries about the activities performed by an administrator according to the defined monitor level in Security > Manage administrators...

For further information, see Viewing administrator activities.

Device list in command history History data of commands shown in View > Command history... of the Scout Console (entries for particular devices)
Command history History data of commands shown in View > Command history... of the Scout Console (entries for OUs)
Command results of devices Results of commands performed on the devices (Update, Delivery, user-defined command). The log data can be viewed in the Scout Console in the Properties window or by using the context menu of a device Commands > Update/Delivery/Command.

For further information, see Command results and update information per device.

Performing a database cleanup

  1. Select View > System diagnostics > Database cleanup...

  2. In the Database cleanup dialog, for the relevant table, in the to field, specify a date that indicates the end of a time span for the deletion of the entries (all entries up to and including this date are deleted).

    The Entries column at the right shows the number of entries to be deleted.

  3. Click into the field of the Selection column on the left to activate this table for cleanup.

    A check mark indicates that entries from this table are selected for cleanup.

  4. Click Cleanup.

    A message shows the total of all entries in all tables which are intended for cleanup.

  5. Confirm with Yes.

From the selected tables, all entries up to the specified dates are deleted.

Before you can delete command history entries, you are required to delete the according device list entries.