Updates initiated by the system

The devices can be configured to automatically check on start-up or shutdown whether a firmware update is available and install it.

Procedure for system-side initiated firmware update

Exception for VPN connections

If Check for new version on start is configured and the VPN connection can only be set up after the eLux desktop is loaded, the firmware will not be updated regardless of whether an update is necessary.1 The user can continue working without interruption.

For devices connected via the Scout Cloud Gateway, the option can be used without limitation.

Configuring firmware updates initiated by the system

  1. For the relevant devices , in the device configuration, under Firmware, select Check for new version on start or Check for new version on shutdown.

  2. If you choose Check for new version on start, additionally set User confirmation options and whether you want the system partition to be formatted before the update is performed.2

For further information, see Configuring firmware updates.

After the devices have received the new device configuration, the option to check for new firmware versions becomes active.